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It’s time to replace old security tactics with latest securi

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Suppose someone is spying around your home. You don't know who he or she is. You want to make your home safe from any unwanted activity. You want to make your family and your belongings safe. How you'll do that?  

You can either put a security guard who watches your home 24 hours or install a security camera (camerabeveiliging in Dutch), which keeps an eye on your surroundings and give you all information about the activities occurring there. A security guard needs rest. He or she can take lunch, or tea breaks. No single security guard can watch your home 24 hours. For this you need at least two to three security guards. 

But if you install a spy (Spionage in Dutch) camera, it keeps an eye on your surroundings 24 hours without any interruption. It watches all activities and record them in a device attached to it. You can watch these clippings later at your convenience. If you find any unwanted activity, you can find out who is performing it. You don't have to pay any monthly compensation to your installed security and hidden cameras. They work for you without the need of food or water. They don't ask for compensation and they don't go on holidays. They are your best servant. They follow all your commands without any manipulation. You just need to see for their little maintenance. 

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