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Install hidden camera to get better security around

by lorenzostpierre

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If you want to make your campus more secure, you have to keep appropriate measures and install security cameras so as to monitor all activities taking place there. Security cameras have different resolutions and different focuses. Some security cameras can capture distant images whereas some other cameras have small range and capture only those images that come in its vicinity. It all depends on the resolution and range of the lenses used in security cameras. 
As its name suggests, a hidden camera is not visible easily. To find the exact place of a hidden camera (skjult kamera in Danish), you have to look every nook and corner of the place where it is installed. And therefore it is the best means to make your surroundings safe. The intruder never knows that his activities are being recorded and you can catch him easily through this recording. A surveillance camera (overvågningskamera in Danish) is generally installed in offices and corporate houses and industries to keep an eye on employees. This camera monitors every activity taking place in the office campus and provides you updates on it. You don't need to be physically present in your office to watch your employees. This camera sends the snapshot images and video recordings to your laptop through LAN or WAN signals.

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