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CRM Solutions – Integrating with Social Networking

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CRM Solutions can now be integrated with social networking websites making it much easier for companies to stay in touch with their existing and prospective clients. Internet has revolutionised the world and how we communicate with people. Customer service has become very easy for businesses to receive and send message in seconds. There is ample number of social networking platform to reach the customers and for them to reach you.

Social Networking has now become a hit – but the question arises in the mind of bossiness as how to integrate it with CRM Solutions. Experts are expecting that integrating the CRM solution with social networking sites has become an utmost important part for any business to survive in the competitive world.  It’s not only the younger generation who remain active in social networking platforms in-fact the older generation are also catching on with it.

The social networking and micro-blogging service allows the user to send and read messages and it has become a vital tool for organisations to find customers online. In-fact the website allows a user to begin two way communications. The service is free of cost and requires only a name and an e-mail address to sign up in the platform. The platform can be used to announce a new product or service, hosting a contest or just updating customers on what’s happening in the business. Moreover, a company can engage customers or potential customers in a conversation and can help both the company and the user to develop a relation. A customer recognising a bond with the business is a key goal in CRM.

Nowadays, Facebook is used by all generation and has become a corporate darling. All that is needed to start with Facebook is a name and an email address. With millions of user being active daily, it’s another great way to connect to customers and build relationships. Companies can create their business page and attract people using low cost advertising or can engage with employees and customers worldwide. The greatest challenge in Facebook is to keep the customers engaged, active and attract more and more prospects. Still it’s a great tool to maintain and build relationship.

Word press and blogger are the most popular platform and it’s a good way to build brand familiarity and product loyalty. Unlike an official website the writing doesn’t have to be corporate and stuffy; the writing style will be in a familiar tone and has the language that everyone can understand and relate to. Blogs are very low cost and there is variety of services to choose from too. Blogs has customisable tool to make it as simple or advanced as per requirement. The platform serve as a casual way to create conversations with people and get genuine feedback, build customer relationship and connecting to their needs.

To remain active in social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Myspace can also provide a way for business or to keep a track on competitors what they care saying products and services they offer. This source of feedback is much less formal, and therefore often more accurate, than official company surveys or polls.

Social Networking websites has become a fad and will continue to become a tool for customer relationship. Now, CRM solution providers are offering integrated social networking tools with their services so that customers can manage everything from one place.

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