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Colognes Versus Perfumes

by kunwarpal

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Most people, who don’t use perfumes much, have a scarce idea about what is cologne and what is a perfume. They consider both of them as the same thing. But a perfume and cologne are two different things. Both are used for different occasions and at different times of the day.Let us have a look on the major differences between cologne and a perfume.  Perfumes are made up of different fragrant substances and oils. The type and concentration of these substances affect the quality and fragrance of each and every perfume. There are a lot of different type of perfumes available such as Eau de Cologne, Eau de toilette, Eau de Parfum, perfume mist, perfume extracts, etc. All of these differ in concentration, ingredients and blending. They also come is different types of fragrances like woody, musky, spicy, floral, oriental, citrusy, etc. 

Perfumes have a concentration of essential oils and fragrant substances ranging between 10- 20%. Most common perfumes have 15% concentration of the ingredients. Eau de Colognes or simply colognes have 3% to 8% concentration of fragrant substances. On an average most cologne contain 5% of the scent producing oils. That is why perfumes are strong while colognes are light in nature. 

The number, type and quality of ingredients make a difference between perfumes and colognes. Perfumes have a blend of a large number of ingredients. A single perfume can contain up to a hundred such fragrant substances, artificial or natural. Colognes generally are based on fewer elements than perfumes. However both of them may contain the major elements similar to each other. Perfumes carry extra elements to make them more strong and enticing. These elements are fixatives or just fixing elements that bind the top notes of the perfumes with the middle notes to make it smell longer. 

Perfumes and colognes also differ on the occasions and time they are worn. Colognes are best suitable if you want to feel fragrant and light. Perfumes suit you best when going out. They smell stronger and remain for long on your body. If you want to go out in the day time or for an evening date or party, you can wear a perfume of your choice. If you are at home, spending your time in the kitchen or the garden, you’ll probably have to choose cologne. Colognes can be used just after bath to feel fresh and exotic. 

Whatever is the ingredient and fragrant of the perfume or cologne, both of them are not to be considered the same. They are different types of scents for different occasions. Wearing them shall increase your personality impact and style among people.For More Detail Visit :

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