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How MMS Works

by mmshealthy4life

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The Miracle Mineral Supplement introduced by Jim Humble claims to be a truly revolutionary yet relatively scientifically simple cure for some of the world's most debilitating and deadly diseases such as malaria and cancer. The Miracle Mineral Solution uses chlorine dioxide, not to be mistaken for chlorine itself. Chlorine dioxide is so strong that it is used for industrial water treatment as well as for stripping textiles. When used as directed and added to an acidic beverage, the Miracle Mineral Solution and the acid create the volatile chlorine dioxide solution that is then ingested orally into the human body.Because of the ability for chlorine dioxide to kill parasites in water so effectively while leaving the water safe to drink, Humble says MMS can do the same in the human body which is over seventy percent water itself. He believes that science has yet to truly understand the power of chlorine dioxide and its ability to cure parasites that plague the human body. His discovery, the Miracle Mineral Supplement, is his proof that chlorine dioxide can work just as well when ingested orally as it does when placed in water supplies. If it can be used to kill anthrax, why can't it be
used to kill cancer, Humble suggests.

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