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How to escape from loss or Damage

by transportcompanies

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When you're in the procedure of moving, or if you wish to send your parcels to customers and friends in an expeditious way, using a courier service is a great way to go. No matter what your plans are, it's vital that you pack your item appropriately so as to avoid damage or loss. Often, when a package is damaged, it is realized in hindsight (in other terms, too late) that it may have been prevented. While it's true that courier services can usually insure your freight (depending on what you are sending) it’s still your responsibility to follow some easy ways to make sure that your parcel, package, or pallet transitions from place A to place B smoothly.

Find a durable container, box or envelope for your item, one that is new and does not have any holes, dents, tears or ragged areas that could come apart simply on the way. Be sure that your item actually fits the container which you choose. A box or envelope that is too big may simply bump or collapse and damage your belongings, when a package which is too small, one that you have to stuff your item into, might even tear or break open during delivery.

Utilize bubble wrap generously. Fragile items especially should fit cozily into their delivery containers, and every item should be carefully wrapped in order to protect your belongings. They should even be separated inside the box, that means that it's not a worthy plan to conclude two or three things (, wine glasses) simultaneously in the same sheet of bubble wrap or newspaper. Each item should also be separated from the edges of the box. If the box is handled roughly at any purpose by the courier service, this will even work to stop something from breaking. Big items, or really heavy freight, should be packed as securely as possible, strapped or taped to a durable container.

Be sure you make full use of your packing tape. Wrap and sell off all the open seams and strengthen the corners of the box as well. Ensure the box, envelope or other container cannot easily break open or tear, also that it's firm enough and packed in such a way as to prevent collapse. Consider printing your label and attaching it to the box for the sake of a legible address. If you have to write down your own label, however, cautiously and legibly print the complete information regarding the destination of the package.

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