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No Need to Individually Bookmark Sites with the Easylifeapp

by anonymous

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The Internet is a host to millions or even, billions of Web pages—sites that you might not be able to keep track of. And it really is such a hassle to have to write and remember each good site that you stumble on and would want to revisit.

Fortunately, leading Web browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer have developed Internet Bookmarks and Favorites, respectively to mark and save the sites that you have visited and would want to revisit. Bu then, this requires you to individually visit these pages and take a few extra steps to save them.

Then I stumbled into the Easylifeapp. And oh well, does that name fit. Truly it is an application that makes life a little easier, especially for internet junkies and voracious readers like me. I always want to be updated with the latest news, but somehow found it hard to be kept on track. But, through the Easylifeapp, just a few clicks and I am spread with these sites that offer the latest news. It’s that easy.

If you also wish to keep track with the latest financial news, the EAsylifeapp has also pre-bookmarked sites that might rouse your interest and then keep you updated and in check with what’s the hottest trend.

Apart from all these, the Easylifeapp also has a list of games that bring me back to my childhood and reminded me of the fun that were simpler. I think it is a really cool desktop gadget and should be useful to many. So please try it now and get ahead.

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