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Playing Hot and Cold with Window Replacement in CT

by daniellebailey

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It's hard to nail down a universal climate pattern for the state of Connecticut. On one hand, the inland portion of the state has a humid continental climate, while on the other hand, the coastal portion has something akin to a humid subtropical climate. However, many would agree that summers are generally very hot and winters quite chilling in Connecticut.

To handle such temperature extremes, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system might have to work double time. The real stinger comes in the form of a high electric bill. It may sound preposterous, but the right window replacement in CT can, in fact, significantly lower your heating and cooling costs.

A window that’s prone to air leaks is bound to drive up your energy consumption. A report by the Department of Energy reveals that leaky windows can cause a home to lose 30 percent of its heating energy during winter and lose 50 percent of its cooling efficiency during summer. Basically, this means that your household's HVAC system has to work harder to compensate for your windows’ lack of thermal efficiency.

Thus, the key to preserving your home’s energy efficiency is to install better windows. You may want to get in touch with reputable Westchester window contractors for a list of possible window replacement options that can prevent air leaks from compromising your home’s cooling efficiency. With better windows in place, you can save up to 25 percent on your energy costs.

For optimum energy efficiency, choose only the best glass for your new window casements. The best ones are those that can redirect a considerable amount of the sun's heat away, thereby improving your home's cooling capacity significantly. Most contractors recommend using low-emissivity window glass that can last multiple exposures to rain and shine.

Connecticut's weather varies across the state, but temperature extremes are likely no matter where you end up in. If you find yourself constantly cranking up the thermostat simply to stay cool during the summer, it may be time to look for energy-efficient replacement windows that can keep indoor temperatures within comfortable levels and thereby allow you to enjoy significant cost savings. For more information on low-emissivity windows, visit

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