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Tungsten Ring Can Makes You Look Stunning on The Wedding Day

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Choosing a perfect wedding ring is one of the major things in any wedding arrangement. The ring is somewhat iconic symbol of the eternal union between two partners. Getting the ideal ring especially for the bride, is absolutely primal to making a wedding event grand success.

It is now for ten long years tungsten carbide ring came in classic yet simple style that well fits the traditional concept of the wedding band. Due to the extremely dense and hard properties of this metal sculpting was not possible in earlier days. With advancing technology and industrial sophistication the metal now can easily be sculpted into various unique styles representing a appealing wedding ring as per individual choice and style.


There are a number of fashionable unique styles available in the present day market sector. Some of the trendy collection of Tungsten Ring sets include tungsten beveled rings,tungsten brushed rings, tungsten black rings, tungsten diamond rings, tungsten grooved ring,tungsten engraved rings, tungsten carbon fiber rings, tungsten facet rings,tungsten domed rings and tungsten gold rings.

  • The original high polished carbide ring are highly elegant with simplistic look. It holds high industrial importance. Jewelers often adds a beveled or domed curvature to make the ring more attractive. A domed design adds a little more depth to the ring making it truly desirable for many. Overall, you cannot deny the true beauty of solid simplicity.
  • Inlaid tungsten ring are best for those prefer a bit classic design. This style can be found in a ring of valuable metal with either in the edges or the center of a carbide ring. Typically these are made of platinum, gold or bronze for inlay metals. The contrast between inlay metal and the tungsten makes the ring even more beautiful. The inlaid ring, having made of the softer metal are more prone to being scraped. This means you need to be a little bit careful about the maintenance and handling of the ring.
  • Faceted tungsten rings are the regular tungsten rings that are cut by diamonds and looks more like a gem. As the name signifies these rings have multiple faces with different shining angles reflecting off ambient light.
  • Grooved and brushed tungsten ring is another fascinating category with more artistic style embellished with simple tricks. A brushed ring is just one having exclusive look of a titanium ring. A grooved ring has a groove fixed around the band by a tipped blade of diamond only to add some aesthetic finish.


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