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Top 10 Reasons why Real Estate Is Booming in Vizag

by ravikiran

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Vizag is the hottest city in Andhra Pradesh and at present every real estate investor is keen on investing in Vizag Real estate. Telangana Issue is changing the face of the Vizag and the importance of the city is high. Vizag is creating a phenomenal record being a second biggest city in the Andhra Pradesh next to Hyderabad.  Vishakapatnam a port city on sea shore which is famous in Andhra Pradesh and also called as Vizag . The city is equipped with heavy industries and a major steel plant and a cosmopolitan city with a mix of different values and people. The Vizag real estate is going to hit  the real estate market and possibilities of bringing higher demand in real estate market. The Telangana revolution would definitely change the face of the Vizag. Many investors are heading towards Vizag for investment purpose and real estate is one of the primary developers among those.

The below are the top reasons why the real estate bubble is boosting in Vizag

1)      Vizag is famous for its infrastructure. Many It Companies are existing in Vizag and much expansion in the IT industry is on the high end. The job opportunity  is in mere increasing trend which definitely will lead to migration from various parts of the country. Thus, this is the right time to invest in Vizag real estate and to get good returns in the future either by lending the commercial property or residential property.

2)      Vizag is the second big city in the Andhra Pradesh State. Telangana battle either way brought a good demand and importance to Vizag and creating high hopes for landlords to buy a property. The Real Estate developers are coming forward ahead with big projects to make the Vizag property worthier and demand

3)       T Issue will definitely create a much opportunities and the people who migrated from Vizag to Hyderabad and invested in the Hyderabad Real estate will be start investing in Vizag

4)      Telanaga Issue is going to hit the Vizag real estate market and people are eager to hear the prices of the property and eager to invest and purchase. This is the right time for investment buying/selling the property in Vizag.

5)      Being Vizag the second biggest city in Andhra Pradesh, though, there are various discussions of Hyderabad as UT or so, but, the second preferred city would be only the Vizag. Hence, the chances of increase in Vizag importance and as well turning into well polished city is quite possible. People are looking forward for the same.



6)      T issue will definitely bring numerous opportunities to Vizag City. And apart from other business opportunities, Vizag real estate will be on boom and land prices may also hit the sky.

7)      Thousands of people in a day land at Vizag either for job purpose or business purpose. And, much of the population is migrating to Vizag city for their livelihood. Which in result will have a higher impact on land, house requirement for both rental and property buying

8)      The land prices would go up with the effect of Telangana achievement and could lead to high financial prosperity. Moreover, within and around the Vizag there are many beautiful places wherein many visitors drop in for summer vacation, educational tours etc. Hence, it is quite obvious to visualize and imagine the boom of real estate and the value of a property in Vizag.

9)      Real estate and Property developers are already busy with their business expansion plans and coming with good villas, residential apartments, independent houses, ventures and also with various real estate projects.  In fact, the independent house owners are approaching the builders and property developers to extend their land, already existing houses to convert into big apartments to gain a good amount of profit.

10)   Everyone waits for a right time for any investment or to hit the mountain at the right time for better financial gains. The Vizag growth was very consistent and was successful in the progress across all the sectors. When compared with other cities in Andhra Pradesh next to the capital city Hyderabad, Vizag is the Second Kingdom wherein the Land worth and value is touching sky.


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