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Philadelphia Immigration Lawyer Says Never Lie to Your Visa

by rachaldworkin

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They say that immigration laws in the U.S. are more complex than the country's tax code. However, the long and winding road to the Land of the Free starts with a choice: “Do you want to stay here for good or awhile?” Whether you apply for a green card or a non-immigrant visa, there's one thing you would do well to avoid: lying.

The U.S. takes immigration as seriously as it takes terrorism; case in point, Nolo provides one scary example. A Frenchman applies for a non-immigrant visa to visit some friends, but he doesn't state the real reason, which is to visit his girlfriend in New York. In the U.S., immigration officers find a letter to his girlfriend in his luggage, prompting them to put him on the next flight home and barring him from traveling to the U.S. for five years. An expert Philadelphia immigration lawyer believes it can happen.

You may think some details of your intention to travel to the U.S. are harmless, but nothing's harmless where immigration is concerned. Immigration has been tougher than ever since the early 2000s, with visa applications needing to be scrutinized down to the last period. Lying, as of late, has become too risky with the changes.

Immigration is a country's first line of defense against threats from the outside. Over time, the U.S. has learned that even a harmless lie can be used against its people and interests, and that even a simple oversight can put the entire country in danger.

If you can't complete your visa application without divulging the details you want hidden, it's better to consult an immigration attorney in Philadelphia. As immigration is a complicated subject, a specialized lawyer can help you with any application that involves particularly sensitive issues. If you really want to stay in the U.S., you have to show the government why. Trust is important, but it can only be gained if you're true to yourself.

Reviewing immigration laws may be difficult without the help of an expert, so consult an immigration lawyer if possible. For further information on the subject matter, you can visit the site at

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