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Surf Photography –guide for beginners on gear, tips and tech

by moshinnobel

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Surf Photography –guide for beginners on gear, tips and techniques

If you love your outdoors, the oceans and taking photographs, then Southern California surf photography is very gratifying. Photographing surfers is an extremely unique kind of photography. Especially because this involves taking photographs of an athlete when he/she performs continuous moving tricks on continuous moving background (waves)!

The excitement of photographing the surfers in action tends to be like none other. Whether I capture from the dock or at edge of a beach inside knee high water, capturing the surfers in actions never gets old.

Here are some tips in order that you can take the best surf photography prints.

Equipment required for surf photography

Costly Surf Photography Accessories or equipments isn’t needed so as to begin in surf photography.

DLSR (Digital SLR) is recommended, though if you’ve the point & shoot camera, it will do also. But bear in mind that the small compact camera has a short pause between times you press shutter and actual point when the photograph is taken. It can make difficult to time the shot.

If you make a decision to make use of a DSLR, it isn’t necessary to spend money on more expensive bodies, indeed the less expensive ones will work fine as well.

Unless you plan to get in the water, utilizing waterproof cameras or housing for the camera is not essential.

Probably the most vital equipment needed and overlooked often is camera lens. Fortunately the majority of time, lighting will be bright outside therefore it’s not necessary (though nice if you’ve one) to get fast 2.8 300mm lens. This and the camera body are actually the most costly investment when it surf photography is concerned.

So here’s the list of minimum equipments which I suggest:

1. Compact camera or DSLR. (DSLR recommended highly)

2. Fixed or Zoom lens which has 200mm focal length at least.

3. Monopod. It helps when shooting from beach.

4. The SDHC memory card

5. Shorts, sunscreen, and hat!

Special surf photos techniques

There are numerous places on beach from where one can take the surf photographs.

- From pier. It allows you to go close to the actions. Also gives you the upper angle like you’re shooting from the helicopter.

- From beach. Walk to water; be cautious not to go much more than knees high in order that the waves do not knock you downwards. Also be aware about splashing water on the photo equipments. Shooting from that area lets you to take traditional shots.

- From within surf, inside water. You’ll require underwater housing unit or water proof camera for your cameras. Wear wetsuit and be alert of surfers, try to not get hit.

Best time of the day to take best Surf Photography Posters.

- Mornings offer superb front lightings in west coast and straight back lighting in east coast. Each offer different lighting situations, however overall these are best times for photographing surfers.

- Afternoons produce flat colors normally, but still are a great time in order to go out and practice, for beginners especially.


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