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ColdFusion usage picks up steam

by anonymous

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Developers across the globe are widely using ColdFusion since it is a very powerful as well as convenient web development platform. This platform was developed in the year 1995 with certain simple features for linking HTML pages with a database. ColdFusion’s version 2 was launched in 1996 constituting a complete scripting language along with an IDE. The latest version released in 2012, renders a collection of advanced features to the application developers for easy development of a range of potent internet applications in addition to going for enterprise integration.

Adobe’s initiatives for popularizing ColdFusion

Initiating roadmap discussions: Every company needs to collect comments, suggestions and feedback from the clients regarding the functionality and features of the applications that it has developed. Through customer interaction, the organization also conveniently comes to know the methods for boosting the application development framework’s performance. New roadmap discussions have been initiated by Adobe for popularizing ColdFusion programming. According to this initiative, the top management of the company will discuss relevant matters with customers. The suggestions and feedback received therein will be utilized for making decisions on the functionality and features with an aim to render the latest ColdFusion 10 version more powerful.

More frequent updates: Every software development company is required to make an impression on users through release of updated versions of the products. These updated frameworks constitute advanced features which help in the reduction of programmers’ efforts and time during the development of rich internet applications. A strategy has been implemented by Adobe to lessen the release cycles with respect to ColdFusion. Hence there will be frequent releases of updated versions constituting a plethora of advanced functionalities as well as features. Moreover, the reduction in the released cycles will enable Adobe to keep up with the technological changes effectively.

ColdFusion launch across the Cloud: The Cloud-based frameworks for app development are popular amongst developers owing to the convenient and flexible features. A number of companies have launched their frameworks’ Cloud version for meeting the requirements of the developers. Presently, Adobe would be offering Amazon Machine Image (AMI) with respect to ColdFusion 10 on hourly rates. ColdFusion 10’s Cloud version will invite an increasing number of programmers to benefit from this powerful platform.

Expansion of the ColdFusion community: So far as an app development framework is concerned, the popularity is dependent upon the developer community’s size. Therefore, an initiative has been taken by Adobe for promotion of ColdFusion at a number of community colleges. The goal of this initiative is to educate programmers on an exhaustive semester curriculum regarding concepts of server side programming with ColdFusion. Moreover, the program incorporates software, quizzes, tests as well as instructor guides for encouraging new programmers for use of this platform in order to develop rich applications for the web. Simultaneously, instructors as well as students have the facility to clarify their doubts through interaction with a community expert.

Active engagement of ColdFusion users: A program has been further implemented by Adobe for keeping the users actively engaged. ColdFusion events would be organized for keeping the interested user groups through working actively with them. Concurrently, the ColdFusion Business Unit present at Adobe is looking forward to arrange a full-fledged conference about the framework to encourage the user community’s involvement. However, Adobe will simply be the primary organizer, facilitating the community’s maximum involvement in numerous aspects such as content selection. Through regular interaction with developers, it will be more convenient to drive the popularity and growth of ColdFusion.

Adobe’s initiatives would encourage both experienced as well as novice programmers to go for ColdFusion migration. Moreover, the developer community’s involvement as well as active participation will definitely drive the platform’s popularity & Coldfusion web development in general.

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