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Concierge Services - The blooming Hospitality In

by davidfue123

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The present era is that of rapid expansion, of growth, of competition. All of this, to achieve the best and once achieved to uphold that position. The growth of a small or big business enterprise depends on its customers and its employees. It has always been said that for any business venture to succeed the employees play the major role. While in the hospitality industry same is applicable to the guests. Anyone and everyone like special assistance and special benefits. If the customer or guests in an hotel is satisfied with the service he/she would become a regular visitor. Similarly if in a company the employees are given benefits in their social and personal life they will be happy and satisfied and will work better. Thus resulting in growth and success.

This has led to the development of Concierge Services. These services are now a part of a rapid growing industry. They provide premium services. The services provided range from Travel to Dining to Social Gatherings to Concert and so on and so forth.

 Beginning of Concierge Services-     

It is rather fascinating to find that the word Concierge evolved from the French word meaning the “keeper of the candle”. Herein this term referred to servants who attended to the nobles and autocrats. Gradually the word “concierge” came to mean the keeper of the keys at public buildings. So basically the hotels were the first ones to endorse this idea and hence pioneered this service. Now concierge services are provided by a hotel or apartment complex recommending the guests according to their taste and inclination. Now there are many companies around the globe which provide exceptional assistance to their guests. It is prevalent in the corporate world. The services offered by such companies’ are-Ticket, Transport, Business referral, Restaurant recommendations, Laundry, Parties planning, Vacation. For the cities which are the business hub or where people love to spend their vacation these Concierge Companies are doing even better. These are cities with wide cultural heritage .Like Concierge Services New York provides these services for its guests and employees. These give the members exceptional benefits. This has led to tremendous growth .Kevin Faherty New Jerseyis associated with these services. There are a number of Concierge sites also available online which provide assistance.


The benefits which these provide may be like special discounts at Restaurants. It may be some passes of rock concert. It may also be Travel allowances and Assistance. There are also possibilities of getting special benefits at the famous Sardis New York. These and other aids definitely attract the people be it business associates or employees.  

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