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Now that you already found your ideal property and ready to buy it. BUT before you proceed with closing the deal, you should do the final walk-through. Maybe you already heard a lot about this or your Real Estate Agent discussed with you about this process or if not I will give you some ideas and pointers how you can do your own final walk through to help you make a right decision.

This process is usually done just prior to the closing day.  It gives you an opportunity to make sure you’re getting the same property and facilities you originally made an offer on. You should examine carefully for new concerns that may have come up considering the last time you viewed the property.


Final Walkthrough

Final Walkthrough

When to Schedule a Walk-through

Normally takes place only a couple of days or even hours before closing but I recommend you to make an assessment 48 hours before closing.  Observe very carefully every detailed part of the property (apartment or townhouse) just to see that everything in the property is in the condition you agreed to buy.


Be Observant

If you notice something that needs to be fixed, ask the owner or seller immediately to deal with any possible problems. You can bring your family with your or your friend to help you check the property.  If the apartment is fully furnished examined all major home appliances to guarantee they are in working condition. Check on the dishwasher, double check the outlets and light switches and examine all other basic functions. And, of course the drainage system is the most important one. Make sure that you don’t have any problem because in the future you will be the one who will live in that home. Try to look generally at the property, inside and out. Check the walls if it has scratches or dirt if it is removable or permanent, the floors if the tiles have any cracks.  Test heating system and air conditioning to make sure it is working properly. Open and close windows make sure that it closes quickly and can lock and that there are no lose screens or storm windows.



Make an Action

After taking a thorough observation if you find out that there are problems in the home, take  action. You have several solutions to think.

First, if you really want that property then talk to the seller ask them if they will fix the problem right away with at their own costs. You may want to postpone the closing and wait until the seller fixes everything.

Second, what if the seller refuses to fix or pay for the problem? Are you willing to give up your ideal property with some minor problems or are you willing to spend a few $$$$ to have that dream apartment of yours?

So taking a walk-through plays an important role when you purchase a property. Make a schedule and when you’re there, have a keen eye and decide!

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