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Hiring the San Antonio Sewer Cleaning Company

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Oh, the feeling of heading down into the basement and finding it awash in sewage ... Nothing makes homeowner wish more that he or she had remained a renter. So, the house is filling up with waste. Homeowner needs help, fast. Whom does homeowner call? Believe it or not, the city government?! Sewer backups occur in one of two places such as between the house’s drain and the city’s sewer main in the street, or in the sewer main itself. If the backup is in the sewer main, it’s the city’s responsibility, and hiring a plumber or sewer contractor right away will likely be a waste of the money. Most cities and municipalities will send out a technician to determine where the backup has occurred. A problem in the main will be handled by the city, but if the main is found to be clear, it’s the baby; time to call in a pro. Either way, homeowner gets to clean up the mess in the house after the drain is working again. So why not hire a San Antonio Sewer Cleaning company?

Even if the city exonerates itself, it may have a law requiring homeowner to hire a registered or certified contractor for the sewer problem. If so, the city office should have a list of all registered contractors in the area, which gives homeowner a place to start. Beyond city requirements, the contractor search should be guided by the type of service homeowner think he or she will need. Most residential plumbers have equipment for clearing and inspecting sewer lines, so the trusted family plumber might be the person to call. Another option is a drain-cleaning service, which specializes in clearing and inspecting sewer and household drains. However, if the drain lines are especially problematic and backups are a recurring problem, homeowner might need the help of a full-service sewer contractor.

Introducing the Local Sewer Contractor

Sewer contractors generally handle all aspects of sewer drain maintenance, including cleaning, inspection, repairs, and complete sewer line replacement. These days, clearing drains is often done with pressurized water, and inspections are made with video cameras. Video inspections can accurately pinpoint damage and other problem areas anywhere from the house to the sewer main, and they make for interesting home movies. Sewer contractors are also experts at dealing with tree and shrub roots- the most common cause of sewer backups. It is important hire a certified and licensed San Antonio sewer cleaning contractor in the city.

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