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UAE Web Hosting

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Benefits and Features of Cloud Server Hosting

In cloud server hosting the web sites are hosted on a cluster of different connected servers. The advantage with cloud web hosting is that you can make use of unlimited processing capacity since it is quite simple to add multiple servers and scale up. The following sections will work as guide for you to know more about cloud web site hosting and the benefits of using the same.


Cloud Server Hosting – Benefits


Some of the main benefits of Dubai cloud hosting are:


  1. Pay As You Go: In cloud hosting the best thing is that it is not necessary to make any kind of fixed payment for utilization of bandwidth on the server. You only have to pay for bandwidth that is utilized on the server. In case traffic to the site increases then you will have to pay more and the payment amount goes down as server use reduces.
  2. Higher Scalability: In most hosting options server crashes can be often seen but this is not so in cloud server hosting. Cloud servers use many techniques such as load balancing to keep your site online all the time and hardware is upgraded on a regular basis so that there are no problems. So your website remains online all the time even if one of the servers is down since there are other servers which take up the traffic load. In addition to it, according to specific business needs the hardware is also easily scalable.
  3. Accessibility of APIs: The other advantage for people is that they can avail API functionality for software. By using API computers get to create better interaction with the cloud software.


Cloud Hosting – Special Features


  1. The first thing to mention here is that payments are based on usage and the cost is normally similar to what you have to pay is shared hosting is used. But the features available are similar to those available in dedicated hosting thus you pay less to utilize better features.
  2. Second thing to mention is that increasing the number of servers or reducing them is quite easy in cloud website hosting. In case another server is to be added to the present list of servers then it gets done in couple of minutes without too much effort.
  3. Downtime you have to face in Cloud hosting is only a few seconds and is really remarkable which makes it the most attractive hosting option presently.
  4. As all the servers in Cloud server hosting are clustered together, you never have to worry about bandwidth requirement. Additionally, you need to make payment for bandwidth that is actually utilized. In other hosting options, you book any specific type of hosting and even if the whole bandwidth is not utilized, you need to pay for the total hosting amount. Secondly, high end server platforms such as VMware are employed for set up of these servers.
  5. Other features include higher performance and security as well as lesser requirement for hardware inventory which in turn means that power consumption needs are minimal.

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