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The Memorable Wedding Portrait

by atanupk

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In the wedding photojournalism which is held for traditions and artistic interest, rely on a portrait and a blurry moment. A portrait is a simply composed image of a person’s focus on the face and personality of the subject. But a wedding portrait is a memorable image for bride and grooms composed by a photographer in the interest of exhibit their love for one another. This is the portrait that can be displayed in the living room in the house where a new couple starts their family tour for the first time. It is a very special thing for the couple who are married but not living together, for the parents who are not stayed no longer with their son or daughter, for the wife whose spouse was passed away from entire life, for the children who are not capable of celebrating their parents’ marriage ceremony. This is a memorable thing for all of those. The wedding portrait is the sign of starting a new family life. A wedding will change a boy’s or girl’s life. It has ended up the bachelor life of him/her. But above all wedding is a cherished or memorable thing for everyone. Also the wedding portrait is a very special for everyone.

Necessity of Wedding Portrait

It is necessary for newly married couple to become a portrait image through a wedding portrait. Followings are the necessity of wedding portrait:

  • For Newly Married Couple: Wedding portrait is a very special thing for bride and groom where they are seen together with a smile face as a composed image. It is usually displayed in their living room or bed room.
  • For Parents: The parents who are no longer with their children, a wedding portrait of their son or daughter are blessings for them. They can feel their sweet memories when their son or daughter got married.
  • For Children: The children who used to living with their parents a wedding portrait of their parents are very special. Because their parents are no longer on entire life.
  • For Wife/Husband: The wife whose husband or the husband whose wife has been passed away, a wedding portrait is necessary for her/him. He/she can inspire to live through seeing it.
  • Sign of Family building: A wedding portrait is not only a portrait but also a family canvas which express a family building path for everyone’s life.




A wedding portrait is not only a portrait but also a couple’s cherished dream of living together which is expressed through it. Now a day’s many famous artists choose it as a hobby. They are creating beautiful oil paintings like a game. It’s very easy work for them. Now they use more stylish tools to create oil paintings. These tools help them to create stylish oil paintings. Modern technology helps modern oil painters to create eye catching oil paintings. Day by day the need and choice of paint lovers are changing and painters also try to create some differences depending on paint lover’s choice. It is an image where couple’s face is so smiling that none can ever imagine it. This is the sign of a couple’s love which is fulfilled by a successful married life.

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