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Resolution Tips for 'Master Boot Record Error...'

by anonymous

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Master Boot Record (MBR) is the first sector of any partitioned storage device, such as hard drive, that is accessed by Windows for bootstrapping information, partition table, disk signature, and many other information. A corrupted MBR can make a Windows computer unbootable and inaccessible. To restore data, you need to take aid of some Windows Data Recovery methods.

As an instance, consider a practical problem when you try to boot a Windows based computer and it doesn't start. On each attempt of starting the computer, a black screen appears and the below error message pops up:

“Master Boot Record Error - Press a key”

When you press any key, it shows another error message that reads as below:

“Press a key to reboot”

As mentioned, when you press any key, the computer reboots and the above sequence repeats.


Some explanations of the above error include:

Hard drive is not correctly configured for startup in CMOS setup

The computer is suffering from BIOS issues

The computer Master Boot Record is damaged


You should first assess the cause of the issue and then apply the solution accordingly:

Make sure that no other storage media is connected to the computer when you are starting the computer

Enter the BIOS setup when trying to start Windows and ensure that hard drive is the primary boot device to boot from and not any other

You can try replacing your motherboard in order to isolate BIOS related problems

In case MBR is damaged, you can boot Windows using the installation DVD and access command prompt to run fixmbr command. In case, this doesn't work, perform clean Windows reinstall.

Reinstalling Windows causes data loss, more specifically when hard drive is not partitioned or using dynamic volumes. Thus, to restore lost data, you require restoring from the last available backup or running a third-party utility to Recover Windows Files. Exclusive third-party Windows Data Recovery software can scan a logically crashed disk and restore lost or deleted data with some simple clicks.

Stellar Phoenix windows data recovery is one of the trusted utilities designed to safely recover lost or missing data from Windows based computers. Designed to run powerful scanning algorithms to Recover Windows Files, this utility is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003, and 2000.

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