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Keep track of your superannuation for wealthy retirement

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Are you keeping track of your superannuation for wealthy retirement? If you've ever changed your name, address, employment, or have done part-time work, then chances are you might have lost track of it.
The Australian Taxation Office's (ATO's) quick online search is able to help you make out if you have any unclaimed or lost super fund.
Perform a quick search by giving your name, birth date and tax file number.

You can moreover register for the ATO's online services and utilize SuperSeeker tool to:

• Verify your super accounts -You can test any account that has been compensated in the previous 2 financial years
• Find lost super - There are billions in dollars, unclaimed
• Hit upon ATO-Held lost super - These amounts are dissimilar to lost super, and are compensated by your company, super fund, or the government, then in custody by the ATO, on your behalf (make use of SuperSeeker to apply for a transfer of ATO-held super to your current account)
• Transfer your super (comprising ATO-held one) - To the account you feel like

Registering online with the ATO will help you guard the private information you put on view and make sure that all transactions are just made by you.
Get your super official procedure together

As you find your yearly report from your fund, ensure that these items seem right and are accurate:

Your balance at the beginning and end of the year
Your company’s compensation in the year
Any sum you compensated in
Any amount subtracted
Expenditure of insurance cover
Income tax extracted
Investment returns credited on your bank account (these can be positive or upsetting)

If you are not able to figure out the account or assume there is some inaccuracy, get in touch with your super fund. You have the right to have an understandable clarification.

Keep all your statements in a secure place, so that you are able to keep an eye on your accounts and are familiar with how to contact your fund.

Your Superannuation will free your funds to a world of investments and facilitate you attain your retirement dreams. There are many companies that offer you superannuation help and like to help you become aware of it, grow it and handle it, therefore when time comes to access it, your retirement will be as wealthy as you would like it to be.

You can get help from advisors on how to apply for superannuation as well as superannuation planning to help you achieve your targets.

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