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Have you ever experienced being desperate about something you really need, say
your own car?  Did you ever try to do all things humanly possible to
obtain that car?  Were you successful in acquiring the
car?  Were you satisfied with the process of acquiring a car?

If you are one of the millions of people living in the United States, you
probably recognize the importance of having your own
vehicle.  However, you also know that for an average citizen, it is
almost impossible to obtain a car through cash purchase, so the best option for
you is to apply for a car financing.  You are also aware that there
are rigid requirements and rigorous credit investigations prior to the approval
of car loans.  You are also aware that for clients with less than
satisfactory or non-existent credit rating, car-financing approval is next to
impossible.  This discouraging and disheartening scenario is enough
to discourage some clients from acquiring a vehicle within their lifetime.

If you, however, believe that everybody who has the ability to pay the monthly
amortization required by a financing company regardless of credit background or
rating should be given the chance to purchase a vehicle, then register with us
and be a part of

We are a recognized automotive lending network and we are looking for energetic
agents and representatives to become members of our team.  You have
the option of being a referred auto loan agent or a loan territory
manager.  As members of our team, you would be helping our clients
through the process of securing a bad credit auto loan for them to purchase a
new vehicle.  You earn money by referring clients to professionals
who could broker acceptable and satisfactory deals suitable for the client’s
paying capability.  Options for Employment

As members of the team, you have the chance to earn income
in two ways, by becoming a territory manager or a referred agent.  

The main responsibility of a territory manager is to recruit up to six finance
managers employed with reputable and franchised auto dealers for a specific
geographical location.  These managers should specialize in bad
credit auto loans.     In this manner, there is a
better chance of referring the loan applicants to professionals that could help
them acquire a car loan in the best possible way at the soonest time possible.
As an auto loan territory manager, it is necessary to have a clear
understanding of the processes involved in the automobile retail industry
particularly in the area of bad credit.  

As a requirement for referred agent, clear understanding of the automobile
dealership policies as well as basic loan application processes is necessary.
In this way, you could guarantee your clients that you are referring them to
the best car financing company available.  It is also an advantage if
you know the challenges of dealing with clients with problematic credit
standing.  In order to be a successful referred agent, it is essential
that you are employed and affiliated to a reputable and franchised automobile
dealer.   Earning Income

As members of your commission will be computed based on $119
auto loan referral fee charged to the client after the approval of auto
financing deals and the delivery of the vehicles to their new owners.

As a territory manager, you are entitled to receive 12.6% of the $119 referral
fee or $15.00, and as referred agent, 60% or $71.40 of the referral
fee.  Note that these commissions are based on every referral fee
paid.  Thus, the more paid referrals that you have, the more income
you earn.  This is in keeping with the “No Loan, No Fee” Policy
enforced by the lending institutions.

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