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How Cincinnati Interior Painters Do It Right

by leeannedyson

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The bathroom may be the most humid area in the house. Due to humid conditions, bathroom wall or ceiling paint is likely to peel off in some bathrooms. However, paint that was properly applied is less likely to peel off despite humid conditions.

Not only can peeling paint be unpleasant to look at, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria that thrive on moisture. Peeling paint can result from a poor paint job, having skipped one or two important steps to save time or costs, but taking shortcuts aren't worth a dime when it makes you repaint the room many times over. Cincinnati interior painters always do things the long and proper way.

Repainting only takes five simple steps: removing, patching, sanding, priming, and painting. Remove the chipped paint and apply a patching compound to make the wall or ceiling even. A level wall or ceiling is important prior to applying paint so the wall or ceiling don't appear bumpy or jagged.

As the patching stage takes a night to dry, sand the wall or ceiling the next day to make the bathroom wall or ceiling smoother. Sanding gets rid of any jagged portions of the wall or ceiling so it ends up with a smooth layer. Sandpaper is the most ideal material to use for this task, but wear protective gear so as not to inhale harmful particles.

Once the wall or ceiling is smooth, apply the primer. Experts say this step is the one that's usually overlooked, thus leading to paint peeling off not just in the humid bathroom but in other rooms as well, regardless of humidity levels. The primer is like the epoxy for paint; it helps paint stick to the wall or ceiling better. Speaking of paint, for repainting a bathroom, you'll need paint with moisture-resistant properties; one with a semi-gloss finish will do.

For more information on bathroom repainting, check out dozens of related articles at Unless you are willing to spend money on having the room repainted often, it's better to leave this to Cincinnati bathroom repair specialists. These professionals know how to do the job right, without taking shortcuts.

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