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Amazing and amusing picture of animals

by sami1234

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If you think only human being enjoy the happiest or funniest moment of life than you wrong. Animals are also enjoying their life. It is a shocking fact for you but it is true. Some moment of our life becomes best click of our cameras. And the naughty action of animal’s clicks becomes smile on your face.

The animals of the world exist happy of own reasons. They were not made for human amusement any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men. Animals did strange action for their own reason but it's become joviality moment for the common man and they cage this moment on their cameras and its become droll and laughing jiffy.

You saw many animals doing some strange like dogs scroll soil with the help of legs or eat grass, and cats are very happy play with balls or hippopotamus is sleeping in water and many more animals doing same . If this moment clicks by human it called funny animal photos.  More over pet animals are known as funny animals but apart from pets many more animals are amazing.  Cats, dogs , hen/cock or hippopotamus , mouse much more comes  in the category of funny creatures.

Moreover you saw in funny animals pics are dog or cat doing something naughty. Sometimes you saw camels or parrots doing something hysterical. And photograph of these jiffy become an amazing or amusing moment for people. Single click on the net surfing you find many strange and amazing pics of animals. But facts behind these type pics, their own reason of animal’s life.

The dogs are only eating grass when they feel vomiting or fever cat generally scroll soil then they feel too hot.  Hippopotamus always sleeps in water because they find the safest place in water. Dolphin gave water bubbles when they feel so happy. This type of action of animals becomes strange facts of human. And their hands go on camera buttons and capture this moment. Common people enjoy seeing the funny animal pics. You saw many people desktop wall papers these types of picture and cell phone wallpaper. But funny animal photos hide some interesting facts in it. Funny pics gave you joy any fact gave you rarer and shocking knowledge about animal words. Just click on the net and saw animal’s funny pics and also read the facts and become witty.

From ancient times human beings from animals is love and joy in their stunts, This Blog Rules presents funny animal photos, finger monkey and more collection for your entertainment please visit our website

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