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The Benefits of Sit-down Meals and Buffet Receptions

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Sit-down menus offer as many benefits as buffet receptions. However, making a choice between these catering options depends on several factors. If you are still trying to decide whether to have a buffet or a sit-down meal at your reception, read on to discover the benefits of both and make the choice more easily.

When you’ve found the perfect wedding venue for your big day, you will want to decide what your catering requirements are going to be. Local Melbourne wedding venuesoffer a choice between a buffet and a sit-down meal reception. There are several benefits to consider which will help to make your decision easier. If you are still trying to decide between these catering options, read on to learn more about the benefits of both.

Buffet Reception Benefits:

  1. At a buffet reception, you can arrange for you and your guests to enjoy the benefits of a sit-down meal by sitting at tables. But, you will have to make sure that enough seating will be available for all your guests.
  2. The main advantage of holding a buffet reception is you are giving everyone the opportunity to choose exactly what they are going to eat. Sit-down meals can be restrictive, so a buffet allows flexibility. This means a buffet is the ideal solution when there are lots of guests with varied dietary requirements. When you have many guests who know each other well, a buffet reception encourages people to mingle and talk.
  3. For a summer wedding held in the open air, consider including a barbecue along with beautifully arranged dishes to accompany the meat. Buffets offer the opportunity to create many beautifully presented side dishes, laid out for maximum visual impact.
  4. If you have a large guest list and a great number of your guests are likely to be standing for any length of time, a cocktail buffet is the obvious choice. Cocktail buffets are perfect when there are more guests than seats available. At a cocktail reception, guests are presented with a variety of delicious finger-food. By opting to organise your catering in this way, you can keep the catering costs and service charges to a minimum. This is an added benefit for brides and grooms who are watching their budget.

The Benefits of Formal Sit-down Meals:

  1. Formal wedding receptions are likely to include a sit-down meal. If you already know you plan to have several speeches at your reception, a sit-down menu is ideal. You can arrange for speeches to be delivered in between courses. Consider adding to the formality of this occasion by pairing the food carefully with great wine.
  2. A sit-down meal allows you to control exactly what everyone will eat. If there is a particular family favourite, you can all enjoy this together.
  3. Sit-down menus are the best catering option, when you need to avoid queues during your reception. When there are elderly guests, sitting down to eat may be the only sensible option.
  4. If some of your guests don’t know each other too well, a sit-down meal allows you to seat people who are acquainted together at tables.

Whichever catering options you decide on for your reception, you will want to know your menu is in experienced, capable hands. Ascot House is a premier wedding venue in Melbourne. This historic mansion is home to an expert catering team with the expertise to create a variety of international cuisine.

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