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Kitchen Storage Solutions Made Easy

by kalpeshkumar

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Your kitchen needs to be a place where you can relax. Entertaining or preparing for a party becomes considerably easier when you have a functional and comfortable kitchen to work in. However, you need to opt for proper Storage Solutions if you want the room to look clean and inviting. All the essentials are required to be near at hand too. So, how do you go about it? Check out the following tips…

  • Use all the corners in your kitchen for storage. Spaces between cabinets and the corners of the wall can be utilized fully by incorporating a Lazy Susan style turntable with drawers. You can thus stow away all the things you need without turning the kitchen corners into an eyesore.

  • Do you keep your cleaning liquids under the sink? You can accidentally knock them off or allow them to get wet if your tap is turned on to the maximum. Also, the dumping of these products is not quite neat of course. An innovative solution would be to fit a plastic or steel rod under the sink and hang the products in a neat line. You will have easy access to them and the floor remains uncluttered.

  • Utilize the extra space on your counter top by keeping your cutlery or a few cooking utensils in a colourful pot or pan. This will lend an old world charm to your kitchen and you will have them handy.

  • Another innovative solution is to create a hollow in your counter top to store the utensils that you use every day. However, this will only work if you have an exceptionally long workspace and do not need it all during cooking.

  • Cutting and chopping are chores that you need to do daily. However, leaving chopping boards lying around on your counter tops do not augur well for the aesthetics of your kitchen. The ideal solution would be to fit an extra rack on the door of your kitchen cabinet for the chopping boards. They remain out of sight but certainly not out of your mind.

  • Are you a diehard fan of canned food? Your cabinets would be overflowing if so. Spend some money on a dishwater type of rack and keep the tins and cans handy. A great way to satiate your hunger for sure!

  • Utilize the vertical space in order to avoid clutter. Get a spice rack and display your spices and herbs on your kitchen walls. They are not only functional but look trendy too.
  • Storing your glasses may be a little tricky especially after you have washed them. Get an old tray to hold them and you will have no risk of breaking them accidentally.

Plan ahead and opt for a custom made kitchen. You will have no problems with storage ever after.

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