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The Cloud Technology and the Dangers to your Data

by anonymous

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Data storage has always been a problem for people. Before such advancement of the technology, people used to save data manually in the form of hard copies (papers). After the invention of computer technology, people started to opt for the built in memory of the computer to keep data. It was easy to keep data in the computer memory than to save it physically. But, as the time elapses and people started to work even more, people tried to carry data to their home and keep it with them. The built in memory (hard drive) did not allow them to do so. The inventors joined their heads and tried to invent some device that can enable them to carry their data. The floppy disks and Compact Disks (CDs) helped them carry their data, a CD could carry only 1.44MB of the data and it could only be written once.

In early 2000, Trek Corporation introduced a revolutionary portable data storing device which was as small as a human thumb. It was known as USB flash drive, thumb drive or jump drive; the first USB flash drive could store only 8MB of data. However, it passed through different stages and improved a lot, now, the USB thumb drives we see are capable of storing 64GB of data quite easily. The latest development in the field of storing data is in the shape of the cloud technology. You may understand the cloud technology as a data storing space on the server. The cloud technology has made your data accessible from anywhere around the world, you would just need a computer and an internet connection.

There are websites who provide you the facility of storing your data on their server. You will be provided with a username and password that will act as a key for you to open your data. It seems to be a quite brilliant and safe place to secure your data. But, the bitter truth is that, the cloud is not the best place to save your data because of the security purposes. Information Technology experts rank the cloud technology quite high as a threat to data security. Your data that is saved on the cloud is just a username and password away from getting breach. I assume that there will be no computer user who is not aware of the danger imposed by the hackers.

Hackers have some quite extraordinary capabilities of breaking the security barriers and dig out the desired data. So, if you want to make your data secure from getting breach, you ought to use security software that can save lock files on the server. The threat to data is increasing day by day as well as the number of incidents of data breach reported is also increasing. Data breach steers you to big losses, loss in the shapes of losing trust, losing financial information or exposing yourself to fraud activities. There have been law passed in a number of countries, according to the, if you are guilty of losing data, you will be charged with a big amount of penalty. You should try your best to secure your data, which ultimately will save you from many losses.


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