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What colors should you prefer for your office carpet?

by mike460

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Choosing the right colors for your office commercial carpets comes with a great challenge. It requires a lot of brainstorming and since your business office is the face of your company, the commercial carpetsused must stand out and go with the interiors of your office.


If you are looking for something warm then RED is probably the color for your commercial carpet. It adds that warmness to your area which creates a positive environment. Red represents energetic, creative and a leader quality which will help in creating an energized and healthy aura in your office. Also it turns out be the best option for moderate to heavy traffic since it’s a color that will sustain dust and dirt to large extent.


BLUE is your color if you are a water person. You are a person who likes the watery effect which and prefer having freshness in your team. And what’s better then a fresh start in the office. It will remove that dullness and settles down the coolness in your working area. But make sure that the blue tone goes well with your office interiors.


GREENis the color for your commercial carpet if you are an environment enthusiast and likes experimenting with something different. What’s better than having a nice nature effect in your office premises? It is also considered to a color helps in calming and distressing a person. Also it is often considered to be great for concentration.


BROWN again is a warm option for a commercial carpet.It brings an earthy effect to the room. This is a color which normally goes with all sorts of interior and furniture. In alliance with brown; BEIGE is also a color which gives the same effect. It is considered to be one the most opted and safest options for commercial carpetsby the interior decorators.


Above mentioned are the most commonly used for the office. Though choosing a color above is purely based on the liking for a color but there are several other factor that affects the choice of your carpet color,

-          Traffic on the carpeted

Choosing a darker shade for commercial carpetsbecomes a necessity if the traffic is heavy. It will camouflage the dirt and dust on it.

-          Interiors of the office

You definitely wouldn’t like to have something that stands out but for wrong reasons. Thus a color preference is one thing and going along with your interior is other. Definitely you would prefer the latter option.

-          Kind of damage it is susceptible to

-          Frequency of cleaning

-          Space to be placed on

- Cost effective: Commercial carpet cost are cheaper as compared to home carpets. Keeping in mind the number of years a commercial carpet is used without much repair, it can be easily concluded that is quite cheaper. As they are available in bulky sizes, they may appear costly, but they are available on a basis of floor area or on a square foot basis. So, you can buy as per your requirements and measurements, and still get it at a competitive price.


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