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Ultrasound Therapy and the Use of Home Ultrasound Machines

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According to numerous clinical studies and research, some 100 million Americans suffer from a wide variety of chronic pain conditions. While some Americans only suffer from minor pain, a great percentage of them are faced with the challenge of more severe, and often times, debilitating situations. And since these people need to cope with pain to get through the day, they need to depend on medicines and other treatments that cost them a great deal of money. The good news is that there are now alternative ways to treat, manage, and control pain and get to the root of what is causing it. The use of a high quality home ultrasound machineis the answer. Using a home ultrasound machine has been found to alleviate pain by increasing tissue relaxation, local blood flow and scar tissue breakdown.

Facts About Chronic Pain Conditions

            More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain conditions. In fact, these disorders are more common than diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

            Studies have shown that the average annual health care expenses for people suffering from chronic pain conditions are about $4,500 per person.

            Health care expenses of people suffering from joint pain amount to more than $4,000 compared to those who do not, more than $5,800 for those suffering from arthritis, and more than $9,600 for those suffering from functional disabilities.

            The total annual cost of health care due to chronic pain conditions ranges from 560 billion US dollars to 635 billion dollars in the United States alone. These include medical care, disability days, and loss wages.

Reducing the Expenses of Treating Chronic Pain through the Use of Home Ultrasound Devices

Chronic pain conditions are not only extremely disorders to manage with medications, but they can also result in loss of income. Thankfully, through the use of a high quality home ultrasound devices, these health care expenses and income losses can be drastically reduced. In addition to providing an inexpensive treatment method, the effectiveness and efficiency of these devices help sufferers feel better. The end result is that people with chronic pain are less prone to needing to file for disability and miss work days.

Investing in your very own ultrasound therapy machine can help you save money on treatments and medications for your chronic pain condition. Make sure that the home ultrasound machine you purchase is guaranteed to be safe and reliable. You’ll find lightweight, portable home ultrasound therapy machines at

Sophia Wu was born in 1985 and resides in Baltimore, Maryland. Though she is known for her romantic sensibilities, Sophia also enjoys writing about new medical treatments, including at home ultrasound therapy options like those provided by EZUltrasound at When she is not writing, she enjoys knitting and crafting new projects.

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