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How the Process of Phonophoresis Delivers Relief Through

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Can home ultrasound devices deliver pain-relieving drugs topically? Can home ultrasound be used as a substitute for the ultrasound treatments delivered in your doctor or chiropractor’s office? The answers to both of these questions are a resounding, “Yes!”

Phonophoresis – A Brief Explanation on this Therapeutic Process

Phonophoresis, also known as sonophoresis, is the use of ultrasound waves to improve the delivery of topically applied drugs. The ultrasound gel that is used for transmission of the ultrasound waves contains naturally based anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving ingredients. The ultrasound waves drive these ingredients deep into tissues that most need relief.

The major benefit of using phonophoresis for delivering medications is that those medications can be targeted to a specific area. By contrast, pain pills and anti-inflammatory drugs that are taken orally are distributed to the entire body equally and may take time to affect the area that truly needs relief.

Injuries that Benefit by the Delivery of Medications through Phonophoresis

Phonophoresis has a wide variety of applications—The most common are inflammations and injuries to the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues in the body. Phonophoresis has been commonly used by physical therapists and chiropractors for localized injuries, including post-injury conditions, rheumatic diseases, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, post-exercise recovery, plantar fasciitis, rheumatoid arthritis, upper and lower back strains, and even tension headaches.

Since phonophoresis helps patients experience a significant decrease in the level of pain that they feel while also helping them experience improved overall mobility. It is a treatment definitely worth your time. It is also important to note that phonophoresis is not a miracle treatment. You’ll need to invest time and effort in its application. The longer that you use low-frequency ultrasound therapy, the better the outcome will be. And this can all be accomplished at home, without frequent visits to your doctor’s office.

Home or portable ultrasound therapy can be just as effective as professional or medical ultrasound units. The difference between a home unit and a professional unit is that home units utilize pulsed ultrasonic waves instead of continuous waves. Continuous wave ultrasound units can be dangerous when used in the wrong hands. Therefore, pulsed wave units are safe for personal use. A home unit can be used more frequently than if you visited your doctor’s office for ultrasound treatment, but the results are the same. The biggest advantage: You’ll save money managing your own ultrasound treatment from home.

Convenient home ultrasound treatment is now possible. To learn more about the benefits of phonophoresis used with home ultrasound devices, visit the website of EZUltrasound at

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