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The most common mistakes in website development

by anonymous

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As we know that web design is an important aspect of website creation .The development and designing service for a website are two of the most important services which we should be done with utmost care and conviction. Before going to contact any web design and development company to design your website ,be aware some of common web design mistakes .By learning about these errors, you can definitely have a good results in web design bangalore development.


1. Where’s the Search!?!

Nowadays, websites are getting larger and updated with more data all the time. To find the required information from this web of data requires a search engine.

A search engine increases the usability of your site. Your users may get frustrated trying to find relevant information on your site. Get a simple Google search engine which can be added to your site for free!


2. Poor Readability & Legibility.

Keep your website simple. Do not use complicated font styles. Your website is viewed by a varied audience from all over the world, so a clear standard font like Times New Roman will be best. If your font style is so complicated that it takes time to decipher, it’s sign that you should change your font to something simpler!


3. Organize this!

The content of a site can make or break it. Users view your website for the unique content in it. The webs success is based on the fact that it provides a perfect platform to showcase your business to potential customers. So, there’s nothing worse than having low quality content in your website, especially when you have a great product to sell.


4. Bad Navigation.

Navigating your site should be an enjoyable experience. Where text is used it should be concise and simple. Use intuitive graphics. It helps to be culture-sensitive since today businesses cater globally.Remember, if users can’t find what they want in less than 3 clicks, most will leave immediately.


5. Inconsistent Interface Design.

Consistency shows standard. It evokes familiarity. Users feel comfortable and rate a site higher when they see an underlying theme for all the pages on the website. Don’t go overboard on creativity! If your pages in the same site look totally unrelated, the user won’t be impressed.


6. Unfriendly Screen Resolution.

Configure the site so that it is displayed properly and compatible with major browsers. If you ever had to scroll horizontally to see the site contents, you know how irritating it can be!


7. Complicated Registration Forms.

Keep registration forms simple and ask the minimum amount of personal data that is required for your site. Remember, users visit a website to acquire information. Not the other way round.


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