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Top 5 Most Popular Specialties in Xian

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After your Xian travel, you must be willing to take some special local   products for memory or gifts to your friends. Below we list the top five   well-known specialties in Xian and give a brief introduction to you as a   reference when you are shopping.
  De Mao Gong Crystal Cake

It is a famous food of Xian with special flavor, getting its name from the transparent Crystal-like fillings. It is the symbol of Qin pastry, together with the Bird's Nest, Tremella and Jinhua ham. The cake produced by De Mao Gong of Xian is the most well-known one. It is slim, sleek with crisp skin and enough filling, oily but doesn’t taste greasy. It sends off such fragrance of the orange and the rose that make you would like to eat. It is known as the "the first of Qin pastry."

Terra-Cotta Warrior's Reproductions

With the excavation and exhibition of the Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin, Terra-Cotta Warrior's reproductions are becoming the ideal gifts and souvenirs for foreign tourists after visiting Xian sightseeing. It is not only suitable for the display on the Art Museums, history Museum, but also for household furnishings, decoration and gifts.

Tangsancai Copies

Xian Art Ceramic Factory and the Crafts Factory in Qian County and other units copied Tangsancai, making good use of the unique conditions of Xian. They have superb skills to make the images of Tangsancai full of character figures and the horses and camels with moving artistic charm and unique styles. They are regarded as treasures and also fine goods for home decorations and gifts for friends and relatives and should be considered to buy after China vacation deals.

Lintong Fire Crystal Persimmon

It is a well-known product in Lintong, getting its name from the red fruit colour and the crystal like surface. Owing to its post-cooked soft, red skin, and covered with branches like flame in late autumn when they are mature, it is also known as the "scenery of fire". The Fire crystal persimmon gets oblate pulp, small size and red color, crystal light; thin skin, seedless, rich pulp and agreeable sweetness


It is a kind of famous ancient wine in Xian, with a long history of brewing, named because of its thickness. When being added sweet-scented osmanthus, it is called Huanggui Choujiu. Choujiu is made from steamed glutinous rice with fermented juice. Its color is white as jade, tastes sweet with fragrance.?It also gets functions of refreshing, relaxing tendons, promoting blood circulation, invigorating the spleen and stimulating the appetite.
The above can be considered for your Xian tour.



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