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It's in the Bag: Securing Funds with Durable Deposit Bags

by harriettfaulks

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Banks serve as repositories where people store their money and other valuables for optimum security. Naturally, everything about a bank should be designed to resist every possible threat to their clients' assets. This principle extends from the way bank vaults are built all the way to the types of cash bags used to transport bank notes and coins.

The finest examples of tight bank security are the humble yet sturdy deposit bags. Ordinary clear plastic bags can't be used since they may not be tough enough to carry heavy contents, as well as resist external damage. In contrast, the best deposit bags effectively shield their contents from the elements, and act as a handy means to keep track of deposits in an orderly fashion.

Originally, deposit bags appeared much like the stereotypical money bags seen in popular culture—i.e. canvas sacks filled with banknotes and shut tight by a drawstring. While durable in their own way, these old cash bags were too accessible to robbers who simply need to undo the strings to get their hands on the money. Although bankers eventually turned to sacks made of sturdier textile and sewn shut to discourage pilfering, smart crooks learned to simply cut along the stitches to open the bags.

Fast forward to the present, and deposit bags now take the form of clear tamper evident bags. These deposit bags are made of the toughest plastic polymers around, thus preventing criminals from easily ripping them open. As a precaution, the bags are marked with void graphics that indicate whether or not the bag had been opened without authorization.

These plastic deposit bags can hold their own against extreme temperature and stress, and can easily accommodate a bunch of heavy coins without ripping apart. The bags are also marked with identifying numbers to enable efficient tracking. One need not fear that the plastic could could warp or even melt on a hot summer's day, as the plastic is quite resistant to heat up to a certain degree.

Everything about banks has to be built to endure theft and damage of all sorts. Even the very bags used to contain cash should be designed to foil the most skilled burglars. For more on how to protect your money in the event of an actual bank robbery, visit

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