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How to Ensure that the Work from Home Job Ad is Legitimate

by arunkumarbiswal

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Many people feel more productive and creative while working in a comfortable environment. Many professionals even prefer working from home to complete the assignments at their own pace and convenience. With many legitimate companies outsourcing jobs to reduce project overheads, it has also become easier for many people to earn regular income while working from home. But the huge popularity of the work from home jobs also makes these prone as a medium to carry out scams and frauds.

Similar to the legitimate companies, the scammers also run ads to attract the jobseekers. But these people try to attract jobseekers by promising hefty payment for a simple or irrelevant job. When a jobseeker responds to the ad, the scammers try to defraud him by convincing to pay registration fees upfront. However, a job seeker can always observe the work from home jobs ads to decide if it is legitimate.

Read the Job Description: While outsourcing jobs, legitimate companies clearly mention the skills, experience, expertise and equipment required to complete the assignment properly. So the ads posted by legitimate companies clearly describe the nature and requirements of the job. But the scammers never describe the job properly as they do not have any intention to hire a freelancer.

Contact the Employer: When a company outsources a job, it wants to hire the best freelancer. So each company allows jobseekers to contact a designated HR manager. You can contact the HR manager to clear all your doubts and questions related to the job. But the scammers do not want the applicants to gather more information about the job. So the ads posted by scammers do not provide you any options to contact the employer.

Compare the Payments: When a company outsources jobs, its main objective is to keep project costs under control. So the company pays freelancers at a rate lower than the amount paid to regular employees. However, the legitimate companies decide the payment by keeping in mind the ongoing trends. Also, the payment varies based on the nature and type of the assignment. But the scammers try to attract innocent jobseekers by promising hefty payments. Often the scammers even offer a higher amount for simple and irrelevant jobs. So you can always compare the payments by keeping in mind the prevailing market prices.

Don’t Pay Any Fees: The legitimate companies always believe in hiring the best person for the outsourced jobs. So they always hire a professional after he clears a series of interviews. Also, the companies do not require freelancers to pay any fees towards registration. But the scammers run ads only with the intention of defrauding the innocent jobseekers by convincing them to pay registration fees upfront. Sometimes the fraudulent ads do not mention about the fees. But the scammers ask the jobseekers to make the payment upfront when they respond to the ads.

You have several options to search for legitimate work from home jobs. Along with creating a profile on online job portals, you can also consider asking your friends and family members to refer their employers.

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