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Different Kinds of Dentists You May Encounter

by fanywilson101

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Dentists are just like the other 7 billion people. They have unique personalities. However, no matter how different everyone in this planet is, there are still a few traits in which we can classify people into groups or clusters. And since we love stereotyping people, I took the liberty of making a stereotyped list of my own. Read on and see if your dentist fits in my list.

The happy dentist

This kind of dentist is the “This Is My Beautiful Sunday” song personified. Every time you visit his or her clinic, you are always greeted with a big smile and a straight set of perfectly white teeth. This dentist seems to have forgotten to include bad day to his or her vocabulary. The smile seems to be plastered on his or her face that it gets really annoying at time, especially when you yourself are having a bad day—like nursing swollen gums for example. But it’s okay because this dentist gives out positive vibes.

The I-am-your-friend dentist

This dentist knows the staff and patients in the dental clinic by their first names. He or she never fails to greet you “Good morning” when he or she checks in and greet a pleasant “Bye! Have a good night!” when he or she leaves. You anticipate every dental checkup because then you will once again encounter the friendly disposition that this dentist radiates all over the clinic.

The cute dentist

Like the I-am-your-friend dentist, you always anticipate every dental checkup with the cute dentist too. I mean, who wouldn’t? Right? Who does not want a dentist who looks like Ryan Reynolds or Blake Lively to poke the insides of his or her mouth? Close enough to kiss? But of course you won’t do that because you probably have an infected tooth. That’s why the cute dentist is leaning so close to you. He or she is not possibly flirting. That’s your dentist, for heaven’s sake. Pull yourself together!

The old and creepy but seriously excellent dentist (like Yoda!)

Well, not really like Yoda. I exaggerate sometimes. Come on. Nobody can be like Yoda. But you get what I mean right? When I was a kid, I had really bad front teeth—like rotten bad. We went to this dental clinic where my mom said had one of the best dentists in our place. The dentist turned out to be a small, wrinkled, old man. I was crept out at first, but he did wonders with my teeth. Now, my teeth are not perfect. But at least I have no reasons to be embarrassed from flashing a smile here and there. And you know what? I owe it to that admirable and experienced dentist.

So that’s it. As much as I wanted to continue talking about that good old doctor, I’m afraid we have reached the end. I can only think of four stereotypes for now. But I hope you did relate to one of them. It is even better if you enjoyed reading throughout this list. Who would have thought discussing teeth and dentists could be this fun?

Tiffany Wilson is an assistant to a dentist in a local clinic in Washington DC. Know more about dentist in Washington DC here.

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