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Storytelling and 3D Imagery with Casting Reels

by francescaslone

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Like mini slides projectors, view-masters are tiny binocular-like devices you peek in to see the little printed photographs inside. With binocular-like viewfinders for each eye, a switch on its side, and photo casting reels in the middle, you can easily peek into the view-master and flick from image to image as you watch how your adventure unfold and conclude within the small device.

Since there is a certain order of succession in how the slides would be viewed, using view-masters is a creative way to tell your stories. You can start out with you leaving the house, then getting to the airport, and arriving to your destination. Unfortunately, these casting reels can only hold a limited number of photographs, so keep in mind to use the best ones you can find.

View-masters are also a great way to view 3-dimensional photographs. Unlike printed images, 3D photographs offer the viewer an illusion of depth. This works by tricking the brain that it is seeing variously distanced objects.

When you look at things, you might not realize it right away, but your eyes actually see different things even though they're focused on the same thing. This is because of how the eyes are located. Since the two eyes are spaced apart from each other, when they focus onto an object, the images that they send to the brain are slightly different. The brain then merges these images to help you know the distance of certain objects without having to move close to them or touching them.

3D images are done by taking two photographs in one click, or at least taking almost identical photographs. The images would have to be taken at the same lighting conditions, only that they are slightly spaced apart from each other. When the photos are looked at simultaneously, this could create a 3-D image. Since view-masters can isolate what each eye would see, this makes them a great way of looking at 3D images. By isolating them, it makes peeking into the viewfinder seem like you are simply looking through a pair of binoculars.

View-masters are cool and creative viewing devices. With a view-master, you get a beautiful master view of your adventures and in 3D too! If you want to find out more on how 3D photography works, you can visit and

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