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All About Biztalk server jobs

by anonymous

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Biztalk sever is a Microsoft product which performs as an integration platform for enterprise application suite across datacenters and/or cloud. It facilitates unification of enterprise application and business-to-business integration. It is used by enterprises in automating their business process by establishing connections between applications and datacenters.

Microsoft Biztalk or simply Biztalk is a middleware that integrates between the front-end Microsoft applications and the datacenters such as SQL database so that the business process can run smoothly. Biztalk helps businesses in achieving:

  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Business Process Automation
  • Business-To-Business Communication
  • Message broker
  • Business Activity Monitoring

 The latest launching of BizTalk will also offer integration on Microsoft cloud environment, Azure.  BizTalk works both as Application Integration Server as well as Application Server. In BizTalk server the programmer can convert messages to create transformation maps using XML.

BizTalk server professionals enjoy very high demand in the market since over 12,000 companies worldwide use BizTalk server from Microsoft for automating their business operation; among which 81% comprises Fortune Global 100 companies. 

This posthas discussed about the different job profiles available to Biztalk server professionals.

Junior operation: The entry level Biztalk server job available to tech graduates is of operation support. They extend support to the management to adopt and adjust in a Biztalk server system.  To join as a Biztalk server operation support executive you must be a graduate in computer science. Your role will include:

  • Extending support to the client
  • Resolving runtime errors at client’s end

Biztalk administrators: The Biztalk server jobs of an administrator involve: 

  • Configuring the Biztalk server
  • Describing the messages generated through Biztalk
  • Orchestrating workflow between the frontend and backend using Biztalk

The administrator ‘s role includes but not limited to managing and maintaining the server environment, resolving application error, creating Biztalk server groups, updating Biztalk environment, and more.

A Biztalk server expert must be a computer science graduate. Along with exposure in the server environment additional skills include knowledge in .Net, server and database management, Microsoft Sharepoint server administration, Project management experience of Microsoft ERP solutions etc. People working in dot net job can eventually move to Biztalk server administration.

As Biztalk administrators are required to work very closely at clients end good communication and interpersonal skills will add value to your profile.

Biztalk server professionals get career opportunities even outside the IT environment. Since Biztalk is used in most banking and insurance industries Biztalk administrators are often adopted in these sectors as well.

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