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Market scenario for dot net job

by anonymous

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Of the many programming language .Net (pronounced as Dot Net) is stealing the show for Windows compatibility and language interoperability across several programming language. .Net was developed by Microsoft and used for developing user interface, database connectivity, cryptography, web application development, numeric algorithms, along with network communications. Programmers can use their very own source code along with the codes provided in the code library to develop various software tools based on .net programming. The programmers are often required to work on Visual Studio – an integrated development environment created by Microsoft solely for benefitting .Net programming. As .Net Framework is expected to construct the structure of most new applications created for Microsoft demand for programmers is all time high.   

Job description of dot net programmer

Microsoft dot net is largely used in building web applications. Developers use both source code library as well their own codes in building web applications using .Net framework. The candidate would need special exposure in working in VB .Net environment to qualify for dot net job. In order to qualify, you must be a computer science graduate or a Masters in Computer Application with dot net as a subject in your course. Candidates with certification or diploma in dot net from a leading computer training institute may also be regarded for the profile. Apart from dot net the candidate must also possess knowledge and experience in working with SHTML, C#, XML, Java Enterprise Edition, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle database management.

The dot net programmer will work closely with software engineers and architectures in developing a series of logical instructions that will allow the computer to interact with the network, suite of applications and database.  His area of work will also comprise developing new applications, patching up the existing ones to improve their functionality.

Dot net job is regarded as a part of IT service desk jobs as they offer technical assistance through developing software applications.

To become a VB dot net developer you would have to plan your education putting emphasis on it.  You ought to be a graduate in computer science with specialization in programming language including dot net. The demand for dot net developers are very high in the industry and to become one you would first have to earn couple of years experience as a developer in Microsoft environment.

Along with technical expertise the candidate must also possess:

  • Strong analytical and programming knowledge.
  • Good command over different OS and database management.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Project management skills.

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