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Emergency calls over VoIP

by Voicebuy

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VoIP is a fast growing communications technology that is able to yield significant benefits both for businesses and individuals. With a range of excellent advantages to deliver to consumers, such as enhanced features and low cost, VoIP is rapidly replacing traditional telephone systems.

Along with the obvious potential for offering more advanced solutions for communication over IP, pitfalls may still be encountered along the way. One major concern about using VoIP enabled network is related to emergency calling services which may not be always supported by all VoIP providers. And taking into account the fact that making emergency calls may be of crucial importance, this may be considered to be a big issue to enjoy all the delights of VoIP.

The major complication for implementing emergency calls with VoIP is that these calls are usually transmitted through fixed line and mobile phones, whereas calls via Internet do not always reach emergency call centers. Emergency services are able to determine the address of the phone only when calling from typical home or business phone, whereas information of the calling VoIP user is missing and the address cannot be automatically detected by the operator.

With the aim to eliminate these limitations of using emergency services with VoIP, a lot of VoIP providers make their best to enable access to emergency services through VoIP enabled devices. Wholesale VoIP providers are now attempting to solve this issue by including an additional feature the activation of which may connect the VoIP user to the emergency center.  Users are also encouraged to register their current locations and provide their exact number to the local provider so that calls could possibly be routed to Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP).

Communication through VoIP is usually interrupted when the power goes out, which means that making emergency calls also becomes impossible in case of power outages.  That’s why VoIP providers recommend VoIP customers to keep traditional phone line at hand along with VoIP enabled network.

Be sure to consider all the details regarding emergency calling capabilities when moving forward to VoIP enabled network.  Feel free to contact Voicebuy voip provider for additional information or assistance.

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