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CAT Prep: Read between the lines to solve parajumbles

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It is not at all necessary that CAT should keep you flummoxed all the time and ask you to solve the random type of jumbled paragraphs. It becomes a little benevolent also by providing you the opportunity to solve such questions where i) opening sentence is given before hand, ii) concluding sentence is given, and/or iii) both the opening and closing sentences are given. 

How nice would be the feeling when you have to organize the sentences following the opening sentence and leading to closing sentence. The task should definitely seem easier and the aspirant would become more relaxed. But, going by the reputation of CAT it is not exactly like that. An aspirant now will have to read between the lines since the body of the parajumble has to be formed in a sequential coherent paragraph. It is like a condensed RC passage where Level of Difficulty has been increased.

How to prepare

With the technology getting improved day by day, reading habits are getting a little cozy and aspirants now prefer to read and practice work-sheets on line. A few suggestions that can help you solve para-jumbles below:

Read good books in English by a variety of authors, past and present – like James Thurbar, George Bernard Shaw, Evelyn Waugh, Anthony Burgess, Graham Greene.

Editorials and articles in English Newspapers.

When you are at home, in office or have decided to study at the designated hour, start reading and following various types of jumbled paragraphs, on line as well as off line, try to solve them, find out the committed mistakes, read it afresh and again follow the guidelines. 

Try to form jumbled paragraphs, follow the opening sentence, lead to closing sentence by following various tips and guidelines available with you. Out of the rich study material,      

When you attempt to solve different jumbled paragraphs – check where lies the central idea of it – in beginning, in the middle or in the end. Opening and closing sentences, if given, will be a support to it.

The strategy to solve

There exist some certain clues for each question. Some of the important clue towards solving Parajumbles follows:

Parajumbles with given opening & closing sentences usually do not begin with reference words also, like, this, that, these, those, thus, etc.

Mark & strike out the words & sentences that create confusion in your mind

Think what would be the order, if you wrote the same sentences.

Now, Find out the linking words e.g. conjunctions, pronouns e.g. He/she/it/who/ this/ these/that/which etc. as they indicate that they must have been used in place of some nouns. These words would help to find the link between the sentences.

 Find out, if there is any historical or chronological event based on time factor so that the same may be connected to opening sentence or may lead to closing sentence

The use of words like therefore, however, summing up, hence, henceforth, hitherto etc. will either lead you to closing sentence or to next paragraph-meaning change of idea, so watch out for the same.

 Now, you will be able to connect and replace the marked out confused words & sentences.

 More and more practice is the key to success.

Example Question – (CAT question)

Author of this article Mr S K Agarwal is a CAT Expert, a seasoned CAT trainer with over 25 years of experience, & author of many CAT books. He also guides Verbal Ability and LR Section to CAT Aspirants through online coaching classes.  Visit the link below for more information and new batch schedules:

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