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How much interested are women for getting pregnant?

by johnmash

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The question is bit hilarious as it cites the eagerness of women for sex . But, the fact is that women who are interested in sex, giving birth to a child and also interested in maintaining the complete motherhood. But, women are not at all interested in getting pregnant. Because pregnancy is the result of unsafe sex and it is the 1st step to motherhood. Pregnancy is all pain to end up in gaining a baby and the joyness in serving them. If practically observed , women gain interest in sex during second trimester of the pregnancy period. This is due to the fact that women clitoris and vagina bulges out due to excess blood flow and this produces more pleasure for women. Whereas,  sexual interest is risky in 3rd trimester pregnancy period. Here the baby in the womb is almost fully grown and there are chances of hurting  the child. In the 1st Trimester pregnancy period, majority women were less interested in sexual intercourse as they were exhausted and nauseated due to the pregnancy stress.


15 to 25% of the pregnant women get depressed  out of confusion and fear.  Women feel painful and uncomfortable during these days. They have been restricted with their food habit, physical movement and many other activities that might posses risk  to the health and mind of the mother and the baby in the womb. If women plans their pregnancy and engage into sexual intercourse accordingly then this question may not  have arised. If women wants to have sexual intercourse during pregnancy days then have to keep certain things in their mind as like risk of having a premature birth , cervix weakening, vaginal bleeding or one of the partner having sexually transmitted disease. Most of the time women might get more aroused for sexual intercourse during 2nd or 3rd trimester, as in this time hormonal flow along with blood flow increases. Major concern during pregnancy days will be overweight due to the lowering of physical activity and also the add on weight of the baby. This extra weight will decrease energy level, increase depression  and create uneasiness for mother.  All change in figure and weight starts changing from getting pregnant to after child delivery. Women needed to keep their weight under control by following various routine exercises  and using certain medical compression under medical supervision.  


Similarly, post child delivery women can use belly wrap available in the market to keep their body firm contract their abdomen using this belt. When women starts enjoying pregnancy while forbidding the pain  then they would never repent for the same. Pregnancy keep the hope and aspiration of the women alive. They feel proud to be mother and love seeing their young ones growing. So, efforts should be made on easing out all pressure on mothers and making it a wonderful experience they would always love to be in.

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