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When You Are Currently Up on Your Eyeball with Debt

by stellalewis101

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When you are broke and down in the dumps with debt, how can you possibly pay all the creditors who demand for your head? Well, practically speaking, it does not make sense for them to kill you because then, how can you pay your debt when you are already dead? They would probably just send you to jail. You might have acquired all that debt by getting carried away in Las Vegas, spending all your money in the casinos there, and ending broke when you get back to Virginia. You might have a terrible shopping addiction and ended up unable to pay for your credit card bills because you were sacked. Instead of accepting your fate behind bars, you can instead be smart and negotiate with them. Ask for a deadline, and then work your butt off or fry your brain finding out ways on how to pay off your debt.

I can probably help to get some of the money you need. I will not lend anything to you, if that is what you think. Now, now. Do not drop that face so quickly. You can generate good money on your own. Do you have old cars that you already stopped using years ago? Yes? Well, this is just your luck. Do you know that you can get good cash for junk cars when you contact junk car companies? Some even give as much as $1,000, depending on the condition of the vehicle. Just pray hard that your old cars back home are still in one and in working condition.

Next, are you renting or do you own your house? If you are renting, you can do some cost cutting and move to a cheaper apartment for a while. Even better, you can totally rule out renting one. You can ask one of your good friends to crash for a while, even for just a few months. Until you clear all your debt. If you are too hesitant to do that, maybe you can ask your parents to crash in your old home instead. Although between that and swallowing my pride, I would rather swallow my pride and be a parasite to my friends. It will be just for a moment anyway.

If you own your house, then that is much better. You can sell it to pay for what you owe. Who knows? Maybe your house’s worth is enough to clear all your debts. That is a practical exit strategy. However, you need another strategy on where to live after giving up your house. The two suggestions mentioned above are still applicable in this situation. However, if you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, I believe that is the better way to go.

You might be in a great fix right now. But believe me, you will get over it. All it takes is a quick mind and a sufficient amount of negotiating skills. Just do not think of this predicament as something to regret. Life is too short for regret. You did the crime, so man up and do the time. You can feel much remorse though. But right after your sulking, stand up, dust that dark cloud off your head, and do something to veer your life to the right direction once again.

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