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Worst Health Habits Subconsciously Followed By Women

by anonymous

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Women are very much family conscious and in a way ignore about themselves. Daily basis indulgement with kids, parents ,and spouse creates a virtual non availability of time to think about self. In the mean time they start developing habits that prove fatal to their health in later stage of life. We can discuss about some of the bad habits and the way to get over it.

Intake of low amount of calcium causes severe problem in bone or weakness in your bone. Strong bones help you in taking physically strenuous tasks . The effect of low calcium is felt the most during old ages. Precaution can be to increase calcium intake through milk , calcium supplements, salmon fish, beans, meat and anything suggested by your personal dietician. Also, intake amount should be in relationship to age as in 20 to 50 years aged women need 1000 mg of calcium per day and 51 years and above need 1200 mg of calcium per day. Poor sitting and standing posture is another form of bad habits which disfigures body posture and personality overall. Bad posture leads to pain in knees, joints, back ache. Women need to be bit conscious about their standing and sitting position. They should always try to sit or stand straight.

Always avoid soft cushion type mattress or flexible back support chairs. They should choose bed with non cushion type mattress and chairs without flexible non extendible back support. Wearing heels also create such aching problem on toe and knees. While providing comfort to oneself , they forget its negative repercussions on the body. Smoking habits are the most worst habits of all of the above for any women. It not only affects women lungs, it also affects child during pregnancy. Child’s brain development become slow due to smoking. Also, there are chances for heart attack to both mother and child. Women skin starts looking dull and face looks bit old aged. Socializing never means smoking or drinking with friends . They can stay happy and socialize even without this habit. Sometimes there is a wrong impression about smoking is that it relieves stress or mental pain. But, if you notice carefully while you smoke you only get relieved for that particular 2 to 3 minutes and then you waste 4 to 5 minutes being guilty of smoking. You can relax and reduce stress through exercise, work out and good surroundings that keeps you happy and not by smoking. 60 to 70% women in United States are over weight and this shows that how women developed another bad habit by not able to check their weight under control.

Easy access to fast food and junk foods and change in life style regarding food and drinks has resulted in such terrible bad habits. Women undergoing pregnancy and post deliver y face the maximum heat for being obese. They face huge challenge in taking care of the baby and all house works . They also carry the risk of high blood pressure, coronary heart issues which become fatal in later stage. Women should eat healthy and maintain their body much earlier before pregnancy. They should use corset weight loss for balancing obesity. If they are wearing this for 14 to 16 hours a day for 4 to 5 months post pregnancy , they can see a drastically reduction in weight. This girdle belt can be used to hold the abdomen firmly thereby burning fats while relaxing. In addition to this women can follow their exercise routine like yoga and gymnasium. Bad eating habits like fries, oily food, burger , cheese, Meat creates bad fat in the body which increases cholesterol. Another bad eating habits is irregularity in eating habits like no fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Eating whatever and wherever time permits. Other addition to bad habits for women is long time depression from relationship, negative talk or bitching creates negative mindsets and again which is bad. Women should keep a note of these things discussed above and will find themselves overcoming all bad noose.

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