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Warm Bodies: Why Go for an Effective Far Infrared Sauna

by lucyeury

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Saunas are touted as one of the most natural ways to invigorate the body. By subjecting your body to steamed air, you could enjoy a number of health benefits such as temporary relief to the common cold and increased endurance for physical activities. While there are clear advantages to saunas, there are some cons to using them as well, one of which is that they can be uncomfortable to use with all the humidity inside them.

A regular sauna uses an oven that steams water and thus generates heat, but it also has the side effect of raising humidity levels within the space to above average. Too much moisture inside a sauna room can drastically slow down the rate of perspiration in people, which can make tolerating the heat even more difficult. For those who want the heat but not the humidity, they could opt for a revolutionary far infrared sauna instead.

Infrared saunas, as their name implies, use infrared-based heaters to directly warm the body without having to heat the air inside the room. There's no moisture involved, thus no humidity to speak of. Users will no longer be stifled by high atmospheric moisture content and can stay longer inside infrared saunas.

Aside from not producing humidity, infrared saunas have a distinct advantage over traditional models in that they can be focused to treat specific parts of the body. Since the infrared heaters only project heat on what they point at, users can opt to expose only select parts of their body. Like a masseuse, a precise far infrared sauna can work its magic on the body parts that need the most treatment while leaving the rest of the anatomy untouched.

Those planning to buy personal infrared saunas for their homes must remember to purchase only high-quality models. Low quality versions use heaters that warm the air within the sauna room, which can get just as uncomfortable and stuffy as a traditional sauna. Remember that the ideal infrared sauna only heats the body part it's targeting, not the entire room.

It's hard not to like the benefits a sauna can bring, but the humidity classic models produce can be highly uncomfortable. Infrared versions of saunas allow users to get those bodies hot without the choking steam. Readers can learn more about the features of infrared saunas at

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