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Using Facebook to effectively market your business

by anonymous

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Facebook is an extremely powerful social media platform upon which to market your business. By spending some time learning how to use the Facebook marketing tools and understanding the opportunities Facebook provides, you can make real differences to the size of your audience and boost your business as a result. Facebook marketing is not like marketing on the internet.


Facebook is the top social network in the world today. As a result, it is has the biggest number of members and potentially gives you access to reaching out to the largest audience. However, you will also be up against the largest number of competitors.


Facebook is a way to engage with your fans and followers in a natural way. Creating content which starts conversations and builds interest and discussion will be far more powerful than simply posting the ‘hard sell’ on a daily basis. Using obvious sales language will only put followers off. Sales pitch and regular posts doing nothing but attempting to sell your product will soon be ignored as people remove your posts from their newsfeed or un-like your page. Much better to engage your followers with interesting posts, information, hints, tips and amusing stories. These will have a much more popular and lasting effect.


Many businesses build a Facebook page without really planning or strategizing how they are going to marketing themselves on Facebook then they spend money on needless online advertising. This can have the opposite effect you are hoping for!  Whether you already have a business Facebook page or not, take the time now to plan your strategy. Think about your business brand, the image you want to project and the audience you are trying to attract. Then, once you have done this, start formulating a content plan and diary so you can start to design campaigns and post accordingly.


A good Facebook marketing strategy should always include –


A daily or weekly post featuring a special piece of news, offer or valuable information for your followers.

A daily or weekly fun post, with an image which followers will want to share and comment on.

A regular weekly post which engages followers by encouraging them to respond – this can be a question or a discussion point.


Think creatively so that you can always come up with interesting and new things to say. Keep an eye on other companies who have large and successful Facebook followings. Look at how they post and the quality of their content. It is a great way to pick up tips and ideas too.


The next important thing to achieve on Facebook for your business page is to develop a strong ‘voice’ Your Facebook page represents you – your brand – and it should have its own personality. Carefully planning your content and knowing your target audience will help you to develop the best voice which will attract the right people. Be open and friendly and whatever style you use, be consistent too.


Its takes skill and innovation but it is possible to literally make friends with your customers on Facebook. This is the most powerful way to market your business.You have a captive audience – more Facebook users check their newsfeed at least once a day – so do not waste the opportunity it provides.


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