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Choose a New Style for Window Replacement in Connecticut

by daniellebailey

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Thunderstorms and blizzards are indeed dangerous for any structure, but they're not the only ones that can threaten your home. For instance, you may eventually require something as drastic as a total window replacement in CT at some point when your old windows have succumbed to wear and tear and no longer perform as efficiently as before. Here are some replacement window styles worth checking out:

Hung and Sliding

Arguably the most common window varieties, hung and sliding windows more or less follow the same principle. Simply put, these windows consist of one fixed window pane and another movable window pane. Hung windows slide vertically, while sliding windows move horizontally. Double hung and double sliding windows also follow the same principle, only that they are made up of two moving window panes instead of just one.


Casement windows consist of one or two window panes that can be swung forwards and/or backwards. Additionally, casement windows may or may not require the use of a crank. This style is still quite popular in Europe to this day and is often found in some Connecticut houses that date back to the Colonial Period.

Bay and Bow

Like hung and sliding windows, bay and bow windows can be grouped together since they are built similarly. Bay and bow windows are composed smaller windows (mainly casements) that create an arc and protrude outwards from the wall. Bay windows usually consist of three smaller windows, while bow windows usually have four or more.


This type of window also protrudes outward but may or may not consist of smaller windows. While the name may seem to indicate where it is best installed, a garden window is designed specifically to provide additional space for small indoor plants to grow. As such, garden windows can be installed in the living room, kitchen, or even the bedroom.

Regardless of how you want your new windows to look like, you shouldn't just settle for a fancy design. Some Westchester window contractors, for instance, can offer you energy-efficient windows for the summer and winter. To learn more about your different window replacement options, go to

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