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What A Tummy Tuck Can Do For You?

by gregore

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Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and wondered if you might benefit from a tummy tuck? Perhaps you have excess and sagging skin as a result of pregnancy, weight loss or age. You have tried the natural methods to reduce your midsection like dieting and exercise but to no avail. It is embarrassing to carry that extra sagging skin around your tummy. It affects how you look in clothes and makes it embarrassing to even think about wearing a bikini at the pool or the beach. A tummy tuck will significantly decrease your protruding abdomen.


To be a good candidate for a tummy tuck in Houston, you will need to be close to your ideal height and weight proportion. The procedure is not a weight loss tool and should only be employed after all else fails to produce results. You should have proper elasticity and skin tone. You must be emotionally balanced and understand what the surgery consists of and have realistic expectations about the results. If you have liver, heart problems or are a diabetic you are not a good candidate. If you smoke, you need to stop at least two weeks prior to the surgery.


Your board certified tummy tuck surgeon will begin the procedure to flatten your abdomen by the removal of excess skin and fat. Then he or she will tighten the abdominal muscles. You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure and help you for the first few days. Tummy tuck surgery will result in scarring. Your surgeon will make the incision low on the belly so that underwear and bikini bottoms cover it with no trouble. Over time, the scar will begin to fade, but it will not disappear completely.


A tummy tuck is considered major surgery. It can last as long as 5 hours and involves a general anesthetic. There may be transitory soreness, swelling, and bruising for a number of weeks after the surgery. The discomfort can be controlled by prescription pain medication. You will need to plan on missing a minimum of a week of work for recovery. Strenuous activity must be avoided for 6 weeks or more. You will need to check with your surgeon before you resume an exercise routine. Your doctor will provide recovery guidelines. It is important that you adhere to them. To learn more about the procedure and recovery, click here.  


There are additional benefits to the procedure beyond the cosmetic rewards. Once you have a flatter more toned tummy you will feel better about yourself on many levels. Your entire outlook will be improved. This can often inspire you to eat right and incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. This lifestyle change will help maintain your new look and promote general good health.  Once you have tried everything else and are in good health otherwise, consult with a cosmetic surgeon and find out what tummy tuck surgery can do for you.

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