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Digital Signage for internal communications

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Truly effective internal communication is exceptionally difficult for companies to achieve. In a busy office environment critical messages can go unnoticed and printed messaging is costly, dated, slow to arrange and cannot always convey the importance of the message. A lot of companies have multiple buildings and shift patterns, making it even more difficult to reach their staff using traditional methods such as emails and memos. Digital Signage is a more valuable tool for public information dissemination than any other. Digital displays are beginning to replace memos, bulletin boards and many internal emails in office spaces around the world.


Digital Signage Displays offer many advantages over traditional methods; putting the emphasis back into “communication”. The displays are used to narrowcast information to a group of relevant employees provoking discussion, in contrast to staff receiving a group email that can be treated like junk mail and ignored.


As well as being more direct, dynamic, attention grabbing and providing more candour than traditional internal communication methods digital displays also present the chance for companies to form a real connection with their staff. Digital Signage Displays use LED backlit LCD panels to achieve a bright and alluring image quality, narrowcasting internal messages with the correct approach allows businesses to communicate with employees as participants NOT an audience; as with televisions.


Digital displays have the potential to grow from one office or department into a company wide information network, spanning all departments such as staff rooms, sales floors, warehouses, show rooms and manufacturing areas. If a business simply wanted to use a single screen as a plug and play digital bulletin board many of the advantages would remain over traditional methods, and if necessary could later be upgraded into a Digital Signage network.


Office based Digital Signage also has the advantage of being constant, current and contemporary. By giving staff updates on company activity the employer can let their employees feel like a part of the company and give them ownership over their role. This then helps staff make better decisions for the overall benefit of the company. Another advantage of the contemporary nature of Digital Signage is that selected real time news and weather updates can be shown.


For recruitment campaigns, one off corporate events and even training courses comprehensive Digital Signage Displays can be hired. Using Digital Signage Displays in this instance offers many advantages for things like wayfinding and timetable display and give a stylish and more elegant feel to a training event



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