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Tips on choosing a building contractor

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If you need a general building contractor, it is always best to follow a few simple steps to ensure you choose the right one for your needs, and that you commission the contractor properly so the resulting work is exactly what you want.

Accurate specifications with ample clarity are the first step to a successful project. Good general contractors will expect a detailed job specification that indicates exactly what is required. It will help them calculate exactly which materials are required, and how long the project will take so they can give you an accurate estimate of costs.

By being clear from the start and providing full detail of how you want the completed job to look, the contractor will have a clear picture and know the exact finish and result you are looking for. This will potentially save you time and money since changing plans mid project can be an extremely expensive exercise.

Make sure that the detail of the project specification is complete; Do leave anything out or presume that the builder will know what you want if it is not included. Always keep all parties informed of changes, additions deletions, etc. to avoid misunderstandings. You should also ensure there is a realistic project timeline for your building contractor to follow. This should be monitored throughout the project to make sure work is on track and not falling behind. A good project schedule will allow for some extra time to compensate for unforeseen delays such as weather conditions.

Choose a reputable building contractor, like Compass. One reliable way to find reputable building contractors is to ask friends, colleagues or family members, who have commissioned building work themselves. Personal recommendations are the most trustworthy ways to find the best contractor for your needs and their experiences can be valuable when making your choice.

Ask the building contractor for references and ask to see their portfolio of work. The best contractors will have a good selection of successful projects and client references to show you. It is also wise to ensure the contractor has all the necessary licenses and certification before you engage their services.

Once the building contractor has had time to study your detailed specification list they will come back to you with a quote or any questions or suggested amendments. Once both parties are happy and a price and project timeline has been agreed upon, work can commence according to the project schedule.

The contractor will give you a professional estimate which will be as close to the final cost as they can estimate given the current parameters. While the quote should be firm and agreed upon, be prepared for it to change some, especially if there are unforeseen changes or additional expenditure on materials that was not initially anticipated.

Many people like to get two or three quotes from different contractors to compare pricing and timeline. However, if you have found a reputable builder who comes with personal recommendations that you trust, there is not always the need for multiple quotes so you should use your own judgment. If you are unsure that the price is fair, get another quote and compare. Some building contractors will use cheaper materials to keep costs low so be aware that you are comparing apples to apples. As long as you are comparing accurate and similar quotes you will have a much better indication on a fair estimate for your project.

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