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Reasons to Hire a Business Answering Service for Your Small

by rubychelmsford

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In the past, small businesses barely stood a chance against bigger businesses. These days, however, small business owners have a plethora of options to keep pace—and perhaps even outpace—their more established competitors. One way to do that is to enlist a reputable business answering service.

If you own a small business, think of an answering service as your business' version of a concierge in a hotel. Without a hotel concierge, guests will most probably run around like headless chickens, and without an answering service, your callers will most probably end up in the same way. Below are reasons to consider enlisting an answering service now.

Cost-effective overhead expenses

Hiring additional employees to take on the calls that come in beyond normal office hours means additional salaries to worry about. With an answering service, there is no need to fret about these things since the answering service company shoulders the salaries of the live receptionists. You only have to agree to a call plan price with add-on features like vanity numbers, IVR greeting, CRM maintenance, and order processing.

Professional image

You may have hardworking employees from other departments who would agree to help take orders for a newly released product. As they have different tasks to attend to on top of taking orders, however, they're likely to be distracted and unable to give each call the attention it needs—your secretary may be reciting the meeting agenda she's typing instead of taking note of the customer's address. This scenario doesn't bode well, but if you have professional live answering services, every call gets the attention it deserves, thereby improving your company image.

Proper customer service training

Many business owners think that call-taking simply entails saying hello and knowing what the caller wants, but in actuality, it takes more than that. With an answering service, you are guaranteed that every agent has been trained in customer service. This means that they not only know how to serve each customer properly, they also know other skills, too, such as upselling.

Technological innovations have definitely changed the way businesses are run today. More importantly, it also paved the way for small businesses to employ services that allow them to be worthy competitors to big businesses. For more information on answering services, visit

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