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Quran reading and Quran recitation for better Quran learning

by quranak343

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About Quran

The Holy Quran is considered as the holy book of Islam. It is considered as the last message from the Almighty Allah through one of his prophets. The study of holy book assures success for mankind, prosperity, inculcation of good deeds and bestows valuable knowledge. According to the history and the holy people, it is Quran that will help those who are caught in to the malicious web of misery, poverty and destruction. Before one starts learning the holy Quran, it is important to understand its importance and historic significance. When a man starts Quran reading, it is said that the doors of satisfaction and relief open up for him.

Importance of Learning Quran

Quran is one way to accumulate solace and comfort in the heed of God. Reading Quran helps in correcting all the faiths and describes the ritual obligations the best. It lays down the foundation of valuable and genuine ethics like truth and obedience. It states various scientific statements that have taken place recently, hence assuring the supremacy of the divine power. It helps one reveal the truth behind second life and paradise.

The importance of Quran is inevitable and cannot be expressed using mere words. It is a truthful speech that reads the words of Allah to all the Muslims around him. It is the original language that the prophets used. It is said to be the only book so far that has not incurred any change within it. It symbolises peace, harmony and happiness in mankind. The holy Quran is an assured cure for all sort of mental and spiritual disabilities. It makes the readers well versed with the true teachings of Islam. However, it is important for the reader to maintain the respect and rights of the holy Quran.

Using Techniques Like Tajweed

In order to acquire a fluent Quran recitation, one has to adopt a particular technique. Tajweed is one of those techniques that help in pronunciation of each and every syllable with accuracy. It consists of a certain set of rules that are required to be followed in different scenarios. One is said to be proficient in Quran only when he is able to make out the difference between varied tones and syllables. The purpose of using Tajweed is to make sure that the reader has complete knowledge on how to implement the adequate stress and pauses. It tells the reader about the exact attribute of every letter to make sure that he or she is able to understand the articulation and exit point for each of them.

If you are looking for a Tajweed tutor, keep in mind that Tajweed is an art as well as science that have been passed through generations. Hence, it is important to rely on someone who has adequate experience and knowledge. However, you can also avail help from online Quran learning sites. Keep a track of tapes that hold Quran lessons. From time to time keep listening them to make sure that you are grabbing the perfect pitch and pronunciation.


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